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Our History

The Cameron School of Dance was founded in 1938 by the late Lorna Wallace Cameron.

At the age of eleven Mrs. Cameron began taking private ballet classes from a young retired dancer of the New York Ballet theater.  She was later trained in tap dancing and other styles of dance.

old_ticketDuring World War II Mrs. Cameron was a choreographer for a troupe show known as the "Legs 'n Airs".  The troupe traveled throughout Military District No. 4 to entertain Military personnel.

Over the years Mrs. Cameron had taught hundreds and hundreds of dancers and in many instances three generations of the same family.  " I was grateful indeed to the parents who entrusted me with their precious little ones".

The philosophy of the school has always been "Children helping Children".  The funds raised from all performances were, and still are, always donated to a children's charity or organization.  The students of the Cameron School of Dance are proud that in the last decade alone, they donated over $157,000 to the Montreal Shriner's Hospital for sick children.

In the late 1960's Mrs. Cameron's daughter Cheri began teaching within the school.  Cheri had spent her developmental years studying with the Royal Montreal Ballet Company, the Montreal Jazz Academy as well as other institutions.

In 1990, Mrs. Cameron's grand-daughter Shena joined her mother Cheri in the tradition of teaching within the school.