The competitive program helps students develop their technique and performance at a higher level. Competitive dance allows your child to perform/compete several times a year. Our competitive dancers represent our dance school at various fundraisers and events throughout the year. They as well travel to competitions to showcase their talent. There are many benefits to competitive dance such as: dancers gain the self-discipline, personal commitment; teamwork skills, time management and confidence that will help them succeed in all aspects of their lives.


Our dancers compete all over Canada and the United States.


We have over 10 different competition teams competing in various styles of dance.  Our youngest competitive dancers are 5 years old, right up to our senior teams who are in their twenties.


Auditions are normally held in June of each year for our next season. For information regarding our competitive program and auditions, please contact the dance school. 

Below you will find a video example of a lyrical group dance.  The average age of this group is 18 years old:

For more information regarding competitive dance, please contact the school directly.