Dance Exams

Dance Exams



The Cameron School of Dance is a member of the “British Association Teachers of Dancing” (B.A.T.D.) examining body from Scotland. Our school has been involved in medal tests and professional certifications for the past 40 years in all branches of dance. 

Our dancers are given the opportunity to take exams once they have completed the required syllabus. Examiners are sent from Scotland to North America, Europe and Australia to conduct medal tests and professional exams. Our school boasts 30 active and non-active teachers in all branches of dance. All our staff are fully certified teachers or student teachers working towards their certification. 


The exam process provides:



The development of strong technique, artistry and quality of movement. Exams instill strong moral character, values and a passion for excellence.


It takes a great amount of discipline to study theory and work hard in class to reach the technical requirement for each grade/medal level.


Achieving your goals heightens self-esteem and by doing this in a shared classroom environment it increases your students respect for and teamwork amongst fellow students.


With continued education into the Professional levels the student will achieve Membership in one of the most Recognized, Largest and Oldest Dance Organizations since 1892.




Dance exams at CSD are optional. Generally the students who want to perfect their technique and work towards becoming a certified dance teacher will pursue exams.


The Cameron School of Dance contacts parents and offers this opportunity every 2nd year (sometimes every year).


An examiner is flown in from Britain to evaluate/examinate our dancers. Our exams normally take place in the winter sometime around, or during’ spring break.


An extra class may be required for dancers to participate in their dance exams, this is more for the higher level exams.  


There is a small cost associated with physically doing the dance exam (that is confirmed each year).


CSD only invites dancers who are pursuing their dance exams to be a part of their faculty (staff).  We want to ensure that our interns, assistants and teachers are qualified to teach, are interested in teaching and have worked (or are working towards) their professional exams.

The B.A.T.D. is a Council of Dance Education and Training (CDET) Validated Awarding Organization


For more information please contact the Cameron School of Dance.