Jumps & Turns

Jumps & Turns

This class is a technique class that is dedicated to learning,

improving and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks, turns etc.

Ages accepted

Ages 8 years and up.



Level 1(8 yrs +up & min.1 year of dance experience): Fridays 18h00-19h00
Level 1 (reserved for competitive dancers): Sundays 13h45-14h45
Level 2 : (8 yrs + up) Thursdays 17h30-18h30
Level 3 : (12 yrs + up) Thursdays 20h30-21h30
Level 4 (reserved for competitive dancers): Mondays 18h30-19h30

Plyometric training as well as stretch and strengthening is also taught to improve the dancer’s power. The student's goal is to execute a series of complicated turns jumps and leaps. Competition dancers and recreational dancers are welcome. Please note this is a technique only class and it’s students will not perform in the year end show.