Lyrical / Contemporary

Lyrical / Contemporary

These classes teach dancers a combination of contemporary

and lyrical dance technique utilizing a wide range of music styles. 

Ages accepted

7 yrs and up (Various levels of abilities offered
within several classes).



Level 1 (ages 7 to 10 years for beginner/novice):
Mondays 17h30-18h30

Level 2 (ages 11-12 years for beginner/novice):
Saturdays 15h15-16h15

Level 3 (ages 13-15 years for novice/intermediate):
Tuesdays 19h15-20h15

Level 4 (ages 16 years and up for advanced dancers):
Tuesdays 18h15-19h15

This class gives students a chance to explore their own style and tell a story through their movement. Often combining elements of other dance styles such as jazz, ballet, modern, and even hip hop, this class also incorporates creative and improvisational movement.